Al Grissino

Seafood Restaurant.
From 1970.

High-quality fresh seafood, every day

At «Al Grissino», this has been our motto since 1970.

From raw fish starters or marinated appetizers, to main courses , you can choose your favorite freshly-cooked dishes thanks to a detailed menu or directly from the fish showcase.

About Us

My name is Mauro Caggianelli and I run my seadfood restaurant in Milano «Al Grissino» with passion and dedication, together with my brother Pasquale.

The Executive Chef Cosimo Santobuono and his team are the authors of our extraordinary dishes.

The open kitchen will show you their skills in making the delicious recipes you choose.

Car Parking Agreement

«Al Grissino»  has an agreement with a nearby guarded parking lot: “Autorimessa Cesena”, located at Piazza Novelli 2, 20129 - Milano

Al Grissino sostiene “Mio fratello Odv Onlus”.
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